How To Do Paint By Numbers

How To Paint

1. Put your canvas, paints, and brushes on a flat surface

2. Get a cup of water and paper towels for cleaning brushes

3. Fill the numbered spaces on the canvas with the same numbered paint

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4. Repeat the 3rd step to paint all colours until completion

Attention, Please!

1. Acrylic paint is Non-toxic, BUT NOT Edible.

2. Acrylic paint is easy to dry. Be sure to close a paint pod lid when not in use to prevent paint from drying out.

3. Be sure to clean and dry brushes thoroughly when changing colour.

4. Take breaks. Do NOT try to do too much in one sitting.

Preparation for the kit without frame

To flatten a rolled canvas, roll out the canvas on a clean, flat, and hard surface like a table. Place something heavy like books on the canvas to weigh it down and leave this for several hours.

To keep a canvas steady while painting, tape a canvas to a flat surface like cardboard or foam board with painter's tape, be sure to stretch the canvas tightly without wrinkles or bumps.

Useful Tips

1. Where to start?

The darkest colour first? or the lightest colour? the largest area first? or the smallest area? background first? or foreground first? paint all the same colours at one time?
There is no right or wrong! Please, do as you wish, choose the way you can enjoy and see your progress.

2. To avoid unwanted smudging, paint from top to bottom.

For right-handed, paint from left to right / for left-handed, paint from right to left.

3. For the best outcome, fill all areas in the canvas with paint, be sure there are no gaps between colours.

4. Painted with the wrong colour mistakenly?

Nothing to worry! Just wait until the colour dries completely and paint the spot with the correct one (you can find the correct colour number from a handy reference guide).

5. Need to add water ? YES or NO!
When a paint spreads on the canvas smoothly (Creamy texture), no need to add water. If paint is a bit dry or too thick, just add a few drops of water into the paint and mix it thoroughly to make it spread easily and not be a gloopy mess.

6. Warm colour or light colour paints tend to be semi-opaque or transparent. To cover numbers and lines for a better outcome, wait until your paint on the canvas is fully dry, and then apply several layers of paint or apply thick layers of paint (multiple coating or thick coating).


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