How To Do Diamond Painting

How To Do

1. Put your canvas, pens, and all tools on a flat surface

2. Read the colour coded chart printed on the left and right side of the canvas properly


3. Simply, match the corresponding colour of diamonds to the codes and place them on the canvas accordingly


4. Repeat 3rd Step to place diamonds in all area on the canvas until completion

 Attention, Please!

1. Small Parts! NOT suitable for children under 3 years!

2. Please DO NOT open the plastic film completely, open a small section of the plastic film to work on at one time

3. Please cover the plastic film back on the canvas, when you are not working on it

4. Take breaks. Do NOT try to do too much in one sitting

Preparation for the kit without frame

To flatten a canvas, roll out the canvas on a clean, flat, and hard surface like a table. Place something heavy like books on the canvas to weigh it down and leave this for several hours.

To keep a canvas steady while painting, tape a canvas to a flat surface like cardboard or foam board with painter's tape, be sure to stretch the canvas tightly without wrinkles or bumps.

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